Hlavná obsah

Upozorňujúca správa

The school provides the education of children aged 6–16 and is equal with the curriculum in usual primary schools. All the teachers and wardens have education in special pedagogy.

Our teachers are the authors of many textbooks, methodics, teaching aids and other professional works connected with visually impaired children.

Our students have the access to different teaching aids. The classrooms are equipped with special furniture. The windows in the classrooms with too much light have blinds, and any student with residued vision can use a magnifying glass, local illumination of his workplace, special exercise books and so on.

There is maximum 10 students in one class. There are 8 students in a class on the first stage and 6 children in special classes.

Education of multihandicapped children is provided in the special school classrooms according to variants A, B, C.

Most of our children dwell in the hostel which provides several services such as accommodation, food, laundry and ironing during the entire school year.